dynamic_rest package


dynamic_rest.bases module

This module contains base classes for DREST.

class dynamic_rest.bases.DynamicSerializerBase[source]

Bases: object

Base class for all DREST serializers.

dynamic_rest.conf module

dynamic_rest.constants module

dynamic_rest.datastructures module

This module contains custom data-structures.

class dynamic_rest.datastructures.TreeMap[source]

Bases: dict

Tree structure implemented with nested dictionaries.


Get all paths from the root to the leaves.

For example, given a chain like {‘a’:{‘b’:{‘c’:None}}}, this method would return [[‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’]].

Returns:A list of lists of paths.
insert(parts, leaf_value, update=False)[source]

Add a list of nodes into the tree.

The list will be converted into a TreeMap (chain) and then merged with the current TreeMap.

For example, this method would insert [‘a’,’b’,’c’] as {‘a’:{‘b’:{‘c’:{}}}}.

  • parts – List of nodes representing a chain.
  • leaf_value – Value to insert into the leaf of the chain.
  • update – Whether or not to update the leaf with the given value or to replace the value.


dynamic_rest.fields module

dynamic_rest.filters module

dynamic_rest.meta module

Module containing Django meta helpers.

dynamic_rest.meta.get_model_field(model, field_name)[source]

Return a field given a model and field name.

  • model – a Django model
  • field_name – the name of a field

A Django field if field_name is a valid field for model, None otherwise.

dynamic_rest.meta.is_field_remote(model, field_name)[source]

Check whether a given model field is a remote field.

A remote field is the inverse of a one-to-many or a many-to-many relationship.

  • model – a Django model
  • field_name – the name of a field

True if field_name is a remote field, False otherwise.

dynamic_rest.meta.is_model_field(model, field_name)[source]

Check whether a given field exists on a model.

  • model – a Django model
  • field_name – the name of a field

True if field_name exists on model, False otherwise.

dynamic_rest.metadata module

dynamic_rest.pagination module

dynamic_rest.patches module

This module contains patches for Django issues.

These patches are meant to be short-lived and are extracted from Django code changes.


This patch address Django bug https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/24873, which was merged into Django master in commit 025c6553771a09b80563baedb5b8300a8b01312f into django.db.models.query.

The code that follows is identical to the code in the above commit, with all comments stripped out.

dynamic_rest.processors module

dynamic_rest.related module

This module provides backwards compatibility for RelatedObject.

dynamic_rest.renderers module

dynamic_rest.routers module

dynamic_rest.serializers module

dynamic_rest.tagged module

dynamic_rest.viewsets module

Module contents

Dynamic REST (or DREST) is an extension of Django REST Framework.

DREST offers the following features on top of the standard DRF kit:

  • Linked/embedded/sideloaded relationships
  • Field inclusions/exlusions
  • Field-based filtering/sorting
  • Directory panel for the browsable API
  • Optimizations